The circular economy is poised to unlock $4.5 trillion of economic growth by 2030, and as much as $25 trillion by 2050. It could boost companies’ competitiveness and profitability, make global supply chains more resilient, and create over a million jobs in the next decade.

CELC’s Circular Economy Work Streams bring together leaders and innovators in the public and private sectors to address challenges and capitalize on the economic opportunities. Join us to advance breakthrough solutions and initiatives that can be used as a model in Canada and beyond.


CELC’s Circular Economy (CE) Work Streams provide unique, strategic platforms for action – accelerating the transition to a circular economy in Canada through research, knowledge-sharing, and curated events and workshops.

CE work streams are highly outcome-focused, designed to leverage the power of collaboration to tackle barriers, advance opportunities, inspire innovation, and generate momentum.

CE work streams are focused on key themes and sectors that are critical to advancing the circular economy in Canada. The objectives and focus for each work stream are co-developed by work stream partners and sponsors, with activities designed to drive toward those objectives.

Current Work Streams include:

Engage in the research agenda designed to tackle the key barriers and advance solutions. Connect with industry peers and thought-leaders through dialogue, roundtables, workshops, informational webinars, and curated matchmaking.

Help shape the dialogue and action! CELC works with stakeholders to advance the circular economy solutions that are critical to Canada and North America more broadly. Join our CE work streams and help us build out the work streams, topics, and activations. For more information, contact:

Paul Shorthouse
Managing Director, Circular Economy Leadership Canada