2023 Canadian Circular Economy Summit

Location: Toronto Board of Trade Event Space | Toronto, Ontario

Date: June 19-20, 2023

Presented by Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC) and the Circular Innovation Council (CIC), in collaboration with other Canadian circular economy leaders, the Canadian Circular Economy Summit will provide an opportunity for Canadian circular economy (CE) champions to come together in-person, share leading efforts and activities, and to identify the solutions, innovations, and cross-sectoral collaborations necessary for accelerating the transition to a CE in Canada.

Given the urgency of environmental issues and Canada’s net zero targets, the Canadian Circular Economy Summit will explore the role of the CE in addressing Canada’s environmental commitments and create and foster intersections between CE strategies and Canada’s climate change and biodiversity agendas.



This two-day in-person event will feature a combination of awareness / education, action, and outcome-focused workshops and other interactive formats.

The CE Summit agenda will build on the key directions emerging from research, publications, a number of outcome-focused workstreams, and other activities underway to advance the CE in Canada. CE Summit participants will have the opportunity to interact and contribute to a forward-looking action plan and advocacy agenda.

To extend reach and impact, it is anticipated that partners and networks will hold pre- and post-summit regional and sector-specific events to build on, inform, and continue momentum. As well, post-summit advocacy and education opportunities will be developed to advance CE Summit outcomes.


Topics covered will include:

  • Advancing a cross-sectoral CE innovation ecosystem and partnerships
  • Research, data / information, and knowledge dissemination
  • Measuring CE impact and outcomes
  • Business barriers and opportunities, including CE supply chains
  • Policy, regulation, and procurement as enablers
  • Creating a CE funding and finance ecosystem
  • Roles of key actors: business, governments, cities, academia, NGOs, investors
  • Just transition, equity, diversity, and inclusion

Interested in partnering / sponsoring? Please contact:

Paul Shorthouse
Managing Director, CELC

Jo-Anne St. Godard
Executive Director, CIC

For all other inquiries, please contact info@circulareconomyleaders.ca


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