Advancing a national approach to the circular economy

Taking a strategic, national approach to advancing a circular economy for Canada will help ensure that opportunities and benefits are maximized while barriers are addressed. Establishing a comprehensive, harmonized policy framework across Canada, based on established standards of practice, is a critical enabler to driving circular economy activities and investments.

Achieving the full benefits of a circular economy will require transformational systems change at multiple levels that is often only possible by leveraging new models of collaboration that challenge traditional structures.

CELC has been working to advance the circular economy in Canada at a national level by focusing on a number of important enablers, including supportive policy, launching new collaboration platforms, engaging with the finance sector, identifying and addressing infrastructure gaps, and improving access to information, data, and knowledge sharing.

At a macro-level, CELC has championed strategic policy efforts through developing a strategic framework and circular economy action plan, supporting the development of governance models and policy collaboration, and activating regional innovation and collaboration.